Aakash 2 Tablet – Features & Online Booking

The worlds cheapest tablet pc & India’s very own low cost tablet computer has been introduced with upgrades – Aakash 2. DataWind, the producers of these tablets, will sell them to Ministry of HRD who shall distribute to students for approximately Rs.1200.Are you one of those asking questions like –

  • What is the price of aakash tablet?
  • How and where do I buy Aakash 2 tablet online in India?

Then here are the answers.

General public can now buy the commercial version of Aakash 2 directly from the manufacturer which is being sold under the name Ubislate (7Ri, 7Ci & 7C+) by placing an order on their website. But before moving further, let’s see the features, specifications & prices

tab choices:

There are 3 models currently on sale:

  • Ubislate 7Ri
  • Ubislare 7Ci
  • Ubislare 7C+

All these are similar to Aakash 2 tablets but with noticeable improvements.

ubislate 7ci

Of all, Ubislate 7C+ is the most advanced tablet which also acts as a phone, enabling you to make/receive calls & access internet via GPRS in addition to the benefits found in other tablets.

UbiSlate 7Ri
UbiSlate 7Ci UbiSlate 7C+
Type Tablet Tablet Smartphone Tablet
Touch Panel Resistive Capacitive Capacitive
Processor Cortex A8; 1Ghz Cortex A8; 1Ghz Cortex A8; 1Ghz
RAM 512MB 512MB 512MB
Flash 4GB 4GB 4GB
Android OS 4.0.3 4.0.3 4.0.3
Camera Front – VGA Front – VGA Front – VGA
Sensor G-Sensor G-Sensor G-Sensor
Ports Micro SD & Mini-USB Micro SD & Mini-USB Micro SD & Mini-USB
Network WiFi WiFi WiFi & GPRS
Power and Battery Life Up to 180 minutes on
battery. AC adapter 200-240 volt range
Up to 180 minutes on
battery. AC adapter 200-240 volt range
 3 hours
 Audio Audio out: 3.5mm jack /
Audio in: 3.5mm jack
Audio out: 3.5mm jack 3.5mm jack /audio in: 3.5mm jack


The Ubislate 7Ri (a.k.a Aakash 2) price is Rs.3499.The next higher model Ubislate 7Ci (with capacitive screen) costs Rs.4299 & Rs.4999 for the higher end Ubislate 7C+.

With the features set & capabilities of this tablet, Ubislate (Aakash 2) is by far the most cheapest tablet pc in India.Initial reviews have also been mostly positive of its operation.

While there are no shipping charges for payment via cheque/DD, Credit/Debit cards & Internet banking, Rs.200 is charged if you opt for cash on delivery.

Delivery Time:

According to DataWind, makers of Aakash 2 – all tablets will be shipped within 48hrs of payment except Ubislate 7C+ which they say would be delivered in 6-8 weeks time.

Book Online:

The aakash 2 tablet online booking form is available at the official website of its manufacturers here.

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