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Buying Tablet PC from Ebay? Check for Warranty

Tablet PC seems to be the buzz this season in India with new tablets being launched by many companies every day.In addition to these, smaller companies & individual sellers import tablets directly from countries like US, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc & list it on eBay at prices one cannot resist.But is it worth to buy tablet pcs from eBay?

EBay India (ebay. in) as an online marketplace is popular among both buyers & sellers in India.While there are many products listed for sale, technology gadgets sell like hot cakes. This is due to the variety of goods offered which are not be available in Indian stores.

At the time of writing, there were around 290 listings for “tablet pc” in eBay excluding the top brands such as Apple Ipad, Samsung galaxy tab etc. & their price range starts from just Rs.4000 for a 7inch tablet.Here are some points that you must consider from eBay.

Seller Feedback Score
Don’t just blindly go by the cheap price of the tablet especially if it’s an unbranded one.ebay india seller ratingsLook for the feedback score of seller & pay attention to the negative comments.

Although there is no possibility of the seller running away with your money without shipping the product, be double sure of the person you are dealing with to avoid disappointments on delivery.

Warranty Period:
This is an important feature to look for in the description posted by seller.While few offer warranties, most don’t provide any type of warranty citing low cost of the tablet.So if your tablet runs into some kind of problem after 3 or 4 months, the probability of getting it replaced from the seller is very low.

Kumar from Tamilnadu says,

`I purchased ployer momo tablet (china made) from a Bangalore seller on eBay & the transaction was smooth. After 7 months, the screen developed some issues & I sent an email to the seller requesting help. There was no response. I called on their numbers only to hear ‘This phone is currently switched off.

I did not demand a replacement but just asked them the manufacturer`s address so I can send it if it’s under warranty period. But they did not even care to reply.

This is just one experience & there could be many others who disregarded warranty at the time of purchase.

So if you are preparing to buy cheap tablets from eBay, ask questions about the original name of the tablet, its features & after sales service to its seller.

Incase you are not convinced with their replies just headover to flipkart.com as they have added many new tablets under Rs.6000 that also come with 1 year warranty.

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